Taxis Thudiniens
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Nos coordonnées
Taxis Thudiniens

Rue Taille Chawet , 70

6020 Dampremy

Téléphone : 00(32)   ou   00(32)496.30.30.33

Fax : 00(32)

Taxi fares
Charleroi <-- > Brussels 70 euros ( 1 to 4 people)
Charleroi  <--> Bruxelles 85 euros (4 to 8 people)

* Offer valid only after written confirmation of booking and society Taxis Thudiniens
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To go short or long, to go where public transportation will not or do not go because it is too early or too late, sometimes you need a transport solution flexible and friendly. This is what Taxis Thudiniens poet with its vehicles at your service 365 days a year.
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Nothing is easier than now to reserve your car with a driver over the Internet. In all cases, we will contact you soon to confirm your date, time and place of appointment.

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Limousine service

TAXIS Thudiniens offers vehicles ceremony at unbeatable prices, capture your unforgettable moments aboard our Limousine
More info:      taxis-thudiniens@hotmail.be

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