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You organize a convention, exhibition, show or any other form of event? Taxis Thudiniens offers a solution for career mobility and reliable for all your public relations.

♦ Enjoy a personalized service with VIP (panel with the name of your guest) to the airport and train station.
♦ Taxi Thudiniens offers cars for the duration of your events.
♦ Our Limousine Service ensures in turn a support with exceptional quality prestige cars to accommodate your guests the most prominent.
Between the taxi and limousine classic says, the Service is designed for Business customers are particularly demanding and your greatest displacement.

This service is provided by bilingual drivers, attentive, and selected for their specific job.

The Business Service is also assured to have a taxi at the exact time of his order, regardless of traffic conditions. Your car arrives a few minutes before the scheduled time.

To do so, send your vehicle is coordinated nearly an hour before the scheduled departure.
We are well able to cope with the multitude of events that may delay your car.
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